Association Property Management Services

Managing with care

and Technology

We provide physical management, financial management, board support, and technology services, and we do it all with great customer service.

Brodie Management takes care of Maryland’s residential communities of all types, sizes, and ages, from Owings Mills to Southern Maryland. We assign property managers with care so that close personal attention can be paid to the individual requirements of each community.

Comprehensive Solutions

Physical Management

Property maintenance and repair, budgeting and financial management, safety, security and curb appeal are among our top priorities. Our teams manage and supervise on-site staff, prepare and follow budgets, write specifications and contracts, obtain bids, oversee contractors, conduct inspections, plan improvements, and process payroll for over 200 on-site staff.

We ensure your community is well taken care of:
  • Control operating expenses
  • Service requests
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Routine and special inspections
  • Employee supervision
  • Budgeting
  • Monthly operations reports
  • Capital projects
  • Contract management
  • Online maintenance requests and status updates

Financial Management

We collect your revenue, pay your bills, and provide detailed financial reports so your board can track the flow of all your funds. In addition, we work with you to develop an appropriate annual budget and long range plan based on detailed analysis of your needs.

We provide hassle free financial management:
  • Billing
  • Pay approved expenses
  • Collect overdue accounts
  • Establish annual operating and capital budgets
  • Manage expenditures
  • Produce monthly financial statements
  • Process Payroll
  • Manage reserve funds
  • Maintain records
  • Long range planning
  • Online account management

Board Support

We provide all our association boards with smooth daily operations, enforcement support, and tracking of community policies and applicable laws. With half a century of experience advising boards, we are almost never surprised and always prepared. Plus, our HR department, controller and president are available to support our property management teams when needs arise.

Our teams approach leaves no cracks:
  • Ensure smooth daily operations
  • Attend Board meetings
  • Advise boards
  • Support enforcement of association governing documents
  • Monitor community policies
  • Track applicable laws
  • Online communication tools

Technology Services

Brodie provides online payment and unit owner portals to access account balances, pay invoices, message their property management team, and access important documents, right from their phone, tablet, or computer. Additional services, such as package delivery notifications and neighbor chat groups, are available for associations that elect to use them. All the while, our accounting and management systems keep everything secure and running smoothly in the background. Don’t want to use the online portal? That’s fine too. You can always call us if you prefer. We love talking with our clients.
The Brodie Portal online experience offers:
  • Direct messaging with team
  • Access account balances and invoices
  • Board communications
  • Document management
  • E-blast distribution to unit owners
  • Package delivery notifications
  • Access from computer, tablet or phone

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Brodie has not only met our expectations, it has exceeded those expectations. Before Brodie we went through four property management teams, all of which under-performed (to put it mildly).

Vice President, Homeowners Association

The Board of Directors sincerely thanks Jonas Brodie for serving it as a constructive, informative and useful resource and for his wise and prudent counsel as the Board deliberated possible amendments to its by-laws.

Board of Directors, Condominium Association

Your team has been great! Their communication, response and handling of all of our issues has been outstanding. And one resident told me about her pleasant and helpful experience with your accounting department. I just want to thank you for being our property management company, and for having such pleasant and helpful employees that we have enjoyed working with.

President, Condominium Association

Brodie Management is an expert condominium property manager for a reasonable cost. Their advice to our Board is clearly reasoned and considers all financial and legal aspects under the latest Federal and Maryland condominium housing laws, and their staff oversees all aspects of caring for our property.

President, Condominium Association

Your team has taken action on everything we’ve needed, often before being asked. They understand their responsibilities pertaining to management of our property. And they are positive and polite to all homeowners and board members.

President, Homeowners Association

We are very pleased and not surprised with the quality service you are providing. Everyone is prompt, organized, proactive and professional.

Director, Homeowners Association

Our condo association has been through a number of “crisis” management challenges these past few years. Thank goodness we have you!

Director, Condominium Association

I would like to thank you for becoming involved with such a sensitive situation and for handling it in such a persuasive and sensitive way. You did a wonderful job in convincing them to cooperate in complying with the request to remove the risk in their unit. It is doubtful that residents in our building are, or will be, aware of the situation, which is as it should be.

Director, Condominium Association

I wanted to let you know about the positive remarks made by our Board and other residents about your team at last Thursday’s annual meeting. Everyone who spoke had nothing but good things to say, varying from how much you have been able to accomplish in such a short time to how friendly and personable your staff is.

President, Condominium Association

I was just doing my study on gratitude and you came to mind. I think you are the best that we have had since I’ve been on any board in any compacity and in any community. Thank you for being so prompt in getting back to people, thank you for listening to complaints, sometimes many times over and for following up on things. I am thankful that you are on our team.

Director, Homeowners Association
Covid Updates

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to the health and safety of our employees and the communities we manage. We follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing, mask wearing, and cleaning and sanitizing vigilantly. All visitors to our offices must be by appointment only, wear face coverings, and keep socially distant.

We recommend that the associations we manage implement the same procedures for their staffs, residents, and visitors when in common areas. However, each association board decides which procedures to implement and enforce for their community.

Contact our office to learn more about our COVID-19 preparedness and prevention practices.